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I have been working in the SEO industry for over 11 years and recently sold my SEO agency.  We found out that most of  our time, especially the past 5 years, was spent fixing SEO work that was implemented by a previous SEO expert or agency.  Now that I am not in the business of actually doing the SEO, I am shifting my focus on protecting businesses from outdated SEO practices including:

  • Auditing your current SEO vendor strategy

  • Verifying that campaigns are focused on the correct keywords

  • Monitoring monthly tasks and reporting

  • Evaluating trend of keyword ranking (Is it working?)

  • Sharing best practices with your SEO vendor

I can audit your current SEO campaign directly with your vendor or discreetly train on what to look for.  Now, you can see into the "black box" of SEO.



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"Right place, right time."

I stumbled across SEO when managing an e-commerce software platform for a publicly traded company.  Managing over 700 websites, I got to know many SEO experts who were the most successful of the group of clients. 



"Help me, help you."
At first the group of SEO experts were reluctant on sharing SEO techniques.  However, I controlled the platform and code.  When I told them that I would prioritize SEO related functionality, they started sharing their knowledge so that I could improve the software to allow more SEO control and optimization. 



"I think I can do this."
With the knowledge that I acquired, I wanted to see if I could actually make a site rank.  I asked a client if I could test on their live production site.  In 3 months we ranked #3 on "Barbie Dolls" and #1 on "American Girl Dolls".  At that point, we knew we had to build a team around SEO.



"We knew we had something."

After the trials, I pitched the CEO/COO to invest in a team focused on SEO.  They agreed and we quickly assembled a team focused on SEO.  Over the course of the next couple of years, we learned how to build a team and scale the services.  The company then sent me to Harvard Business School to further my education.  



"Going on our own."

In 2009, two of us decided that we only wanted to focus on SEO and went out on our own to start our own agency.  We quickly grew from nothing to one of the leading SEO agencies on the East Coast.  Our work not only supported clients, but we also supported many other SEO agencies behind the scenes on their tough clients.


Successful Exit

"A new passion."

After years of implementing SEO, I am now focusing on helping clients understand and manage their current SEO campaigns.  I can either help and augment your current team or train you to understand and ask the right questions.  The end goal is to protect businesses from inadequate or irresponsible SEO practices. 


SEO Consultant in New York City

I understand that businesses need to maximize their marketing investment whenever they can. This is why selecting the right online marketing partner is critical. Because of its popularity, more individuals and businesses are offering search engine optimization as a service, regardless of their capability to deliver.


Search Engine Optimization is fundamental to success. It is imperative for your business to have a top notch service provided by the best NYC seo company. My SEO strategies will earn your site a higher ranking in search results across all search engines including Google, Bing, and Yahoo!.  SEO Bodyguard will provide a full SEO keyword rankings audit, a link building profile report, and indexed page information. My experience as an SEO expert in NYC will improve your traffic flow and increase sales for your website.


All of my search engine optimization campaigns are 100% customized for your business and catered to meet your business goals. This customized strategy is designed to build a solid internet presence and a continual stream of traffic to your site. I incorporate data driven metrics into our strategy in order to improve your campaign as much as possible.


SEO Bodyguard - A NYC local SEO company offers professional experience marketing for a single location and multi-location businesses. Our NYC SEO agency has experience and proven success providing SEO services in NYC. Our SEO firm in NYC utilize strategies to increase the number of targeted and qualified prospects finding your website. My goal is to increase visibility for your brand or business, as I have done so for hundreds of companies over the past 15 years.


At SEO Bodyguard, we are constantly staying at the forefront of search engine algorithm changes and create strategies that adhere to these strict guidelines. This ensures that I provide the best services and we stay at the top of our competition.

SEO and Internet Marketing Services

Organic search engine optimization remains an important strategy to improve the ranking of a website in the search results. By optimizing the website for specific keywords, the site can get listed higher in the search results, which brings more targeted potential customers to your website. My NYC SEO services are based on the criteria search engines use to index websites and designed to improve results in every search category for your niche products or services.

Contact our SEO strategist in NYC today at (212) 882-1990 to learn more about SEO auditing and SEO vendor management in NYC.


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